Francodex Anti-Itching lotion

Kiiltomalva uute rauhoittaa kutinaa

FRANCODEX ANTI-ITCHING LOTION contains mallow flower extracts that quickly soothe itching and lipid replenishing ingredients to moisturize the skin. The neutral PH allows it to be used frequently on sensitive and irritated skin. 
Water, solubilizers, perfume, preservatives, biding agents, mallow flower extracts, buffering agent. 
Apply the anti-itching lotion on reddened and itchy skin. Allow a few minutes for the lotion to have an effect (keep your pet from licking itself). In case of severe itching, apply 2 - 3 times a day. Reduce the frequency of use and apply as needed. 
External use. Do not swallow. Wash your hands after applying lotion on your pet. Do not get in eyes. If the product gets into your pet's eyes or mouth, rinse them abundantly. Store away from heat. Product intended for animals. 

  • Mallow Flower Extracts
  •  Rinse-free